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Prof.Dr.Krasae Chanawongse at 72 is renowned worldwide, nationwide,and locally for 

his prominent and life-long achievements. He is currently

 ผลการค้นหารูปภาพสำหรับ Krasae Chanawongse              

                Holder of th:ee Royal Awards from two separate countries;

                Knight Grand Cordon (Special Class) of The Most Exalted  Order of the White  Elephant

                Knight Grand Cordon (Special Calss) of The Most Noble Order of The Crown of Thailand;

                The Gran Cordon of the Order of the Rising Sun (Japan), for his leadership in promoting
food relations between Thailand and japan (the highest royal decoration that the Emperor
of japan can bestow on a foreigner);

Magsaysay Awardee for Community Leadership (The Philippines,19730);

Founder of the College of Asian Scholars;

Chairman of the Raks Thai Foundation (CARE Thailand);

Chairman of the Nakhon Phanom University Council;

Chairman of the Princess of Narathivas University Council;

Chairman of the Asian Disaster Preparedness Centre;and

Technical Advisor to the Asian Urban Information Center of Kobe (AUICK-UNFPA Japan).


Although  initially a reluctant entry to the political scene,
He has a distinguished political record:

                Member of the legislative Assembly;

                Member of Parliament,khon kaen (two times);

                Deputy Ministry of Bangkok;

                Deputy Governor of Bangkok;

Member of Parliament,Bangkok (two times);

Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee;

Minister of University Affairs;

Minister of Foreign Affairs;

Minister of the Prime Minister’s Office; and

Advisor to the Prime Minister.


Prof Dr.krasae Chanawongse’s academic record is also impressive and includes:

                Bachelor of Medical Science,Maidol University;

                Graduate Diploma of Tropical Public Health,London University:and

                Doctor of Public Health,Columbia University…

Some of Dr.Krasae’s other career mile stones include:

                Medical Doctor in Muang PhonMunicipality,Khon Kaen;

                Director,Rural Mother and Child Health Care Centre,Khon Kaen;

                Chief Expert,UNFPA inBangladesh;

                Director,ASEAN Instiute for Health;

                Consultant,WHO in Nepal; and

                Director,Research and Development,Khon Kaen University..


College of Asian Scholars (CAS)

                For many years the Krasae Pattana School (a secondary) and the
Phon Commercial and Technical College (a vocationl college), under the patronage of the

Dr.Krasae Chanawongse Foundation, provided educational and community
servicer for the benefit off under privileged rural residents of the phon District of Khon Kaen

Province (72 kms.south of Khon Kaen City) and surrounding disttrcts. 
The concept of running these schools is that the school is a
port of the communityand the community is a part of the school.
The phon Commercial and Technical College,established in 1980
based on the notion of creating vocational education opportunities
for children living in the rural areas,now has a student population
of more than 3,000 students; around 2,500 vocational students and 600
Pranakorn Rajabhat University bachelor degree students.

IN 2002 the scope of these community and education services was
extended with the opening of the CAS in Khon Kaen City, offering
Bahclor Degree Programs In the Faculty of Business Asministration.
The motto for the CAS is “In search of Advanced Technology” In 2003
two new study curricula were introduced: Bachelor of Arts
(English Language) and

Bachelor of Laws (Law language). This year (2006), another new faculty has
been added, with the kind assistance and cooperation of the Tokushukai Medical Corporaton,the Tokuda Nursing
School,offering a Bachelor Degree course in Nursing Science.


The CAS carries on the Dr.Krasae Chanawongse tradition of providing educational and
community services for the benefit of under privileged rural residents, by arranging education
scholarships for financially disadvantaged students. The CAS understands that in this era
of globalization good relations between people and nations with differing. Histories,
languages, traditions, and beliefs are paramount so that people can co-exist ina secure,
friendly, and peaceful world. Towards that end, the CAS fosters International cooperation
through academic, Cultural, and language skills exchange programs. Academic exchange
programs have been put in place with leading intermational education institutions- including
Nagasaki Wesleyan University, Japan; Digital Hollywood (Multimedia Institution), Japan:
Nihon University of Baguio, The Philippines; andHaachiao University, China- and with
education institutions from less fortunate neighboring countries.

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